North Oz Projects specialise in construction works in remote regions of Australia and in isolated areas. The company is particularly adept at ensuring that all works comply with Australian Standards and all other relevant codes and have an extensive range of machinery and equipment on their register and at their disposal to ensure that they are self sufficient. The principal, John Bruinsma has been Director of the company since 1996 and is a licensed plumbing contractor.  He has extensive knowledge of all facets of the construction industry in general, from major hospital refurbishments, industrial and commercial buildings, accommodation villages, residential plumbing and drainage and general construction maintenance.


North Oz Projects staff are experts in their field and receive regular training to achieve certificates of competency for all plant and equipment in our fleet. North Oz Projects is versatile enough to tackle any task. Safety is a priority and policies are constantly monitored and improved. We are aware that meeting site safety requirements is an integral part of any contract and we are constantly adjusting and improving practices in this area. All staff are instructed to be aware of and respect the needs of other trades and a teamwork mentality is encouraged.


Trades people North Oz Projects directly employ include: Registered Builders, Plumbers, Poly Welders, Surveyors, Concrete Workers, Machinery Operators, Carpenters and Trades Assistants.


We currently have a site workforce of 10 personnel and 2 office staff in our Perth office.


Insurance Policies

North Oz Projects holds current the following classes of Insurance:

Public Liability of $20,000,000

  1. Workers Compensation
  2. Plant and Equipment
  3. All motor vehicles